About Dalton Gardens

Dalton Gardens is a peaceful community that is situated in Kootenai County on 2.32 square miles in the Idaho panhandle. It offers mountain views, lush gardens, serene parks and well-maintained infrastructure, all among friendly neighbors.

Despite its semi-rural location, residents enjoy proximity to shopping, dining and daily conveniences from adjacent larger municipalities such as Coeur d’Alene and Spokane. These also provide employment opportunities for those who want it. While Dalton Gardens is not a big city, it does have numerous local entertainment and recreation opportunities.

While the mountains to the south have densely populated fir tree forests, the town itself doesn’t have a lot of trees. This makes it easier for home owners to maintain yards. However, the northern latitude and high altitude keep the area lush and green for the majority of the year. Winters are pronounced because of the northern exposure, but the climate benefits from moderate Pacific air flows from the west. This makes for pleasantly dry and sunny summers.

Because of its beautiful setting, Dalton Gardens has become a haven for retirees and for those who want to leave the urban areas of the Pacific Coast behind for a cleaner and fresher environment. Thanks to a local construction boom, tourism and steady commercial activity, the area has a healthy economic climate.

All residential homes have lots that exceed one acre and have frontage of at least 110 feet. Since the by-laws encourage rural pursuits, you can use the land for activities such as keeping horses or chickens. Dalton Gardens is also an ideal place for opening your own shop.

According to Zillow, the median home value falls around $300,000. The cost for owning or renting a home in Dalton Gardens falls below the national average. According to the 2013 census, the city had approximately 2,300 inhabitants, and around 770 of the residences were owner-occupied. This translates to approximately 85 percent of the homes in Dalton Gardens. Over 75 percent of the residences were built after 1990, and 86 percent of the homes have at least three bedrooms.

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